Shrimp Farming

Industrial shrimp farming destroys mangrove forests. As a result, coastal communities lose their livelihoods and cultures as well as natural flood control and buffer against coastal storms. Toxic chemicals, antibiotics and diseased shrimp released by industrial shrimp farms pose a risk to surrounding mangroves and artisanal fishing.

Bulletin articles 9 March 2021

Despite the massive clearing of mangroves to make way for shrimp farms, and the oppression of fishing and gathering communities, this industry has access to certifications that not only facilitate its entry into foreign markets; they also conceal a history of violence against the peoples of the mangroves.

Bulletin articles 14 May 2019

While the destruction of forest territories continues, more pledges, agreements and programs are being implemented in the name of ‘addressing deforestation and climate change’.

Bulletin articles 14 May 2019

Blue Carbon (or Blue REDD+) appeared as a new carbon offset scheme between emissions and carbon absorption in coastal territories. However, organizations in Indonesia warn that the initiative is a strategy to change the coastal and marine territories into tradable assets .

Bulletin articles 4 September 2014