Women’s struggle in the defense of forests and life

March 8 – International Women's Day

Women’s struggle in the defense of forests and life

This March 8, International Women's Day, we share some materials that highlight the key role that feminism and women’s resistance play in the defense of forests and life.

In a discouraging global context in which “green” capitalism advances with violence and hypocrisy, the struggles of women organizing against this attack are lighthouses showing possible ways for life to prevail. Forms of collective organization, experiences of resistance against destructive projects, and an appreciation for caregiving and reproductive activities that sustain communities are some contributions from these struggles.

Understanding women's struggles also helps us see with greater clarity how today's capitalism - which is invading and destroying territories with increasing brutality- implies a continuation of colonial exploitation; and this exploitation is based on racism and the patriarchal oppression of women. Capitalism imposes a sexual division of labor and subjugates women in order to control communities and territories.

To delver deeper into this perspective, we invite you to explore the following stories and reflections from women in Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and Cameroon, and other countries.

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The WRM Secretariat team

Cameroon: Women determined to recover their lands occupied by Socapalm/Socfin oil palm company

The Afrise women's association launched an international petition to stop the replanting of oil palm monocultures around their homes and over the grave sites of their ancestors. They are denouncing decades of sexual abuse, land dispossession and misery. They are demanding that their territory be returned to them, so that they can lead a life of dignity.

Podcast: Women of the Chiapas coast facing oil palm

In the state of Chiapas, in southern Mexico, women's organizations are resisting the advance of a monoculture crop that is invading their lands and bringing scarcity and water pollution.

Exchanging wisdom-knowledge and experiences of struggle for the forests

Reflections from a meeting in which members of the WRM and the World March of Women participated

Dayak Women’s Struggle to Protect the Forests in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

This article tells the story of a women group in Kalimantan called “Hurung Hapakat”, which means “Working Together”. Collectively, and against serious repression, they have reclaimed some land from oil palm plantations in order to also reclaim their food sovereignty, dignity and wisdom.