Struggles Against Tree Monocultures

Corporate profit drives land grabs to install industrial tree monocultures. Where industrial plantations take root, communities' territories and lives are violently invaded, their forests destroyed and their water polluted. When communities resist, companies tend to respond with aggression. Despite this extreme violence, communities around the world are resisting, organizing and joining forces to defend their territories. Every September 21 the International Day of Struggle against Monoculture Tree Plantations is celebrated.

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Publications 19 July 2021
Lwaki abalimi abatonotono bafiirwa buli lwebakolagana ne kkampuni ezirima ebinazzi? Ebyokulabirako okuva mu Latin America, amawanga agali wansi w’eddungu sahara (Sub Sharan Africa) n’agali mu Southeast Asia