Executive Summary Report of the International Mission "Justice for Berta Caceres"

The  International  Mission  “Justice  for  Berta  Cáceres  Flores”, composed of 15 parliamentarians, jurists and representatives  of  human  rights,  trade  union,  and  popular organizations and networks from throughout the world, carried out an intense program of activities in Honduras between 17 and 21 March 2016. Responding to  the  request  of  the  Civic  Council  of  Popular  and  Indigenous  Organizations  of  Honduras  (COPINH)  and the National Network of Women Human Rights Defenders of Honduras, and of an extensive network of international solidarity in support of the Honduran people,  it  focused  on  clarifying  the  context  of  the  brutal  murder  of  the  indigenous  Lenca  leader  Berta Cáceres  Flores,  the  night  of  March  2,  2016,  and  pushing  for  the  release  of  the  Mexican  social  leader,  Gustavo Castro, wounded in the murder of Berta and retained unjustly by the authorities of Honduras.

The  Mission  further  sought  to  verify  the  context  in  which  the  assassination  of  Berta  Cáceres  and  that  of  Nelson  Noé  Garcia,  another  Lenca  leader  of  COPINH  shot  to  death  12  days  after  Berta,  took place,  and  to  support  Honduran  popular  demands  for  the  cancellation  of  concessions  and  projects  such  as  Agua  Zarca,  a  hydroelectric  dam  against  whose  construction  in  Lenca  territory  –  in  the  absence  of  prior  consultation  –  Berta  had  been  struggling  and  COPINH  continues  to  struggle,  the  demilitarization  of indigenous territories, and implementation of a law for the protection of human rights defenders.

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