Struggles for the Forests

Bulletin articles 4 January 2022
We invite you to reflect with an activist who explores resistance processes and the challenges they face, based on her experience with struggles in Brazil. In this reflection, we also invite you to join the collective resistance from your own contexts and spaces of organization. The fight continues and the fight is one!
Bulletin articles 19 December 2023
President Jokowi calls the Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia (KIPI) “the largest green industrial area in the world”. But in reality, there is nothing green about the KIPI. It will lead to massive fossil fuel use, land and water grabbing, while threatening thousands of people in coastal communities with forced eviction. (Available in Indonesian).
Bulletin articles 19 December 2023
2023 culminates with a victory for the popular struggle to defend life in Panama. This will influence every corner on earth where, in the face of environmental conflicts, people are resisting and defending their territory.
Multimedia 7 November 2023
On October 28th, thousands of residents from Sagea, Gemaf and other villages on the island of Halmahera entered in shock with security forces when they occupied the installatioins of PT IWIP (Industrial Weda Bay Industrial Park) to protest against the company´s nickel mining activities that are destroying their land.
Bulletin articles 25 October 2023
In this editorial, at a time in which elites and oil companies continue to cling to the power and profit derived from fossil fuels, we would like to acknowledge the contribution that the Ecuadorian people have made to the world in the fight for territories free of oil exploitation.
Bulletin articles 25 October 2023
WRM’s reply to Biofílica Ambipar’s “Clarification Note” about the article "REDD and the Green Economy exacerbate oppression and deforestation in Pará, Brazil", written by WRM and published in its Bulletin of July 2023.
Bulletin articles 25 October 2023
With the support of international funding, the establishment of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park has led to the forced and violent eviction of the Batwa Indigenous People. The DRC government recently passed a new law on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, which, though a step forward, does not apply to lands that have already been designated as protected areas, nor does it make any mention of historic injustices.
Bulletin articles 25 October 2023
This time we would like to remember a Bulletin that includes ten important contributions around the issue of ‘rights’.
Other information 25 October 2023
Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera (ALS) Group, that owns and controls at least three timber companies and industries in Papua, is expanding the business of timber forest products exploitation in the customary area of the Moi Tribe through a company called PT Hutan Hijau Papua Barat (HHPB).
Other information 22 July 2023
Activists from the World Rainforest Movement (WRM) and the World March of Women share their reflections after an exchange that took place in Brazil, with activists from different territories in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
Bulletin articles 30 March 2023
A recent Popular Consultation in Ecuador attempted to include, among other things, ‘environmental services offsets’ as a constitutional right. The majority of voters voted against it. However, this attempt serves as a warning about the interests that wish to strengthen policies of appropriation and the commodification of nature.