Palm Oil

Articles 8 April 2024
In a letter to Guatemalan national authorities, 115 organizations from 39 countries demanded a halt to the abuses and violence that palm oil company Industria Chiquibul has been committing in indigenous and peasant communities. The organizations also called for suspension of the RSPO certification process, which they denounce as greenwashing a destructive industry.
Articles 4 April 2024
An alliance of organizations have demanded that European governments pause the mediation process and provide the communities access to the land documents and legal support to defend their interests.
Articles 2 April 2024
Com o apoio de 60 organizações de diversos países do mundo, o Movimento dos Pequenos Agricultores (MPA) do Brasil apresentou uma carta às autoridades do Estado do Pará solicitando que de forma urgente regularizem as terras de três comunidades camponesas ameaçadas de despejo.
Action alerts 28 February 2024
We call on organizations to sign this petition in support of the Mayan Q’eqchi community Santa Elena in the northern region of Guatemala. The community is asking for international and national support in the face of recent threats and growing criminalization by Industria Chiquibul, a palm company that supplies palm oil to transnational corporations such as Nestle and Unilever. Read and sign the letter below.
Bulletin articles 27 February 2024
The Amazon region is one of the final frontiers of resistance to capital expansion. This is epitomized by the struggles of social activists such as Chico Mendes, as well as by the presence of most of the earth’s remaining indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation. However, different forms of ‘green’ extractivism are currently and increasingly advancing on this territory.
Bulletin articles 26 February 2024
In the Acará Valley, Pará state, the Tembé and Turiwara indigenous peoples, and quilombola and peasant communities are fighting to take back part of the living spaces they traditionally occupied. It is not just a struggle for territory, but one to reverse a history of oppression and injustice. Today, they are denouncing structural violence and state omission.
Bulletin articles 26 February 2024
The expanding agricultural frontier to grow soybean and oil palm, in addition to mining and the potential construction of mega-dams, are advancing upon the living spaces of indigenous and peasant communities. In late 2018, communities organized a coordinating committee to defend their territories and their right to a dignified life.
Articles 24 February 2024
Between August 4 and 7 2023, there were attempts on the lives of four Tembés as a consequence of the fight to take territories back from the hands of BBF company. Given this situation, the Brazilian Anthropological Association (ABA) sent a formal letter to the authoritiesrequesting the resumption of the process of regularization of indigenous and quilombola territories, as well as the investigation of mechanisms of criminalization of leadership figures and the suspension of incentives to companies involved in violence.
Articles 24 February 2024
Em 8 de agosto de 2023, o Conselho Nacional de Direitos Humanos (CNDH) enviou recomendação às autoridades federais e estaduais sobre medidas de proteção, promoção e defesa dos povos indígenas, quilombolas, ribeirinhos, agricultores e agroextrativistas do estado do Pará.
Bulletin articles 19 December 2023
Almost 30 years of UN climate negotiations have resulted in the establishment of policies and practices that facilitate the constant expansion of the fossil fuel-based economy (and its profits) while hiding its implacable negative impacts for the territories where it expands.
Bulletin articles 19 December 2023
The Afrise women's association launched an international petition to stop the replanting of oil palm monocultures around their homes and over the grave sites of their ancestors. They are denouncing decades of sexual abuse, land dispossession and misery. They are demanding that their territory be returned to them, so that they can lead a life of dignity.
Multimedia 19 December 2023
The Afrise women's association launched an international petition to stop the replanting of oil palm monocultures around their homes and over the grave sites of their ancestors. Here we share the testimony of the president of Afrise.