Fossil Fuels

The burning of oil, coal and natural gas is causing climate chaos. What's more, extraction of these fossil fuels and, increasingly, the use of geothermal and biomass energy, is also destroying livelihoods and forests. Energy corporations systematically call on States to violently suppress community resistance against this destruction. Fossil fuels in particular have left a trail of destruction and violent oppression, while a small number of companies has pocketed astronomical profits.

Bulletin articles 27 February 2024
The Amazon region is one of the final frontiers of resistance to capital expansion. This is epitomized by the struggles of social activists such as Chico Mendes, as well as by the presence of most of the earth’s remaining indigenous peoples in voluntary isolation. However, different forms of ‘green’ extractivism are currently and increasingly advancing on this territory.
Bulletin articles 26 February 2024
The Ecuadorian people's decision to stop oil extraction in the Yasuní National Park now brings new challenges: How do you recover a territory that has been sacrificed, and bring justice to affected areas, with the solidarity of the whole country?
Bulletin articles 19 December 2023
Almost 30 years of UN climate negotiations have resulted in the establishment of policies and practices that facilitate the constant expansion of the fossil fuel-based economy (and its profits) while hiding its implacable negative impacts for the territories where it expands.
Bulletin articles 19 December 2023
President Jokowi calls the Kalimantan Industrial Park Indonesia (KIPI) “the largest green industrial area in the world”. But in reality, there is nothing green about the KIPI. It will lead to massive fossil fuel use, land and water grabbing, while threatening thousands of people in coastal communities with forced eviction. (Available in Indonesian).
Bulletin articles 19 December 2023
In the context of the recent UN climate conference in Dubai, we propose to re-read the article Climatology / Ideology, from the WRM Bulletin 247, published in January 2020.
Bulletin articles 25 October 2023
In this editorial, at a time in which elites and oil companies continue to cling to the power and profit derived from fossil fuels, we would like to acknowledge the contribution that the Ecuadorian people have made to the world in the fight for territories free of oil exploitation.
Bulletin articles 22 July 2023
The ‘green’ economy sells the idea that it is possible to confront climate chaos without looking at the direct link between power structures and pollution. Its ‘green’ programs allow energy demand to continue to grow, and thereby the accumulation of profits and injustices as well. In this way, it is actually a ‘green’ facade for the same violent, patriarchal, colonial and racist system.
Bulletin articles 22 July 2023
Climate chaos is tangible in the Saloum Delta. Fishing-dependent communities face substantial impacts, which are accentuated by the fishing industry and the fossil fuel industry. A reforestation project of mangrove trees, funded by Shell, has now turned into a carbon project, which will exacerbate the climate impacts for communities. Among the profiteers from the fossil fuels’ extraction in Senegal is BP and Shell.
Bulletin articles 30 March 2023
Ending fossil fuel burning is urgent, yet oil and gas companies have been ramping up production and profits in 2022. Polluters greenwash their activities saying they offset their emissions with investments in ‘nature-based solutions’, which mean land grabbing, violence and corporate control over vast areas of land in the global South.
Bulletin articles 12 September 2022
In the northern Peruvian Amazon, indigenous communities affected by contamination from oil exploitation are also prevented from accessing clean water. One hundred communities and their federations have been waging a unified, constant and coordinated fight for eleven years to defend their territories and rivers.
Bulletin articles 16 June 2022
Fossil fuels are at the root of the climate chaos – but the conditions for this crisis have been created by the interconnections and dependencies between colonialism, racism, patriarchy and class exploitation. To address climate chaos, therefore, it is necessary to address the unequal relationships of power upon which a fossil-fuel dependent capitalism is based.