FAO reply received on March 28, 2017

Dear Guadalupe,

My name is Guilherme and I’m the coordinator of the Civil Society and Producer Organizations Team in FAO’s Unit of Partnerships (OPCP) under the Office for Partnerships, Advocacy and Capacity Development (OPC).

FAO acknowledges receipt of the Open Letter regarding FAO’s definition on forests, and took note your critical remarks.

Since the approval of the FAO Strategy for Partnership with Civil Society Organizations in 2013, FAO been greatly expanding its work in partnerships with civil society organizations and has been increasingly facilitating the involvement of the expertise and technical knowledge of CSOs, in particularly of small-scale food producers, in  various dialogues and policy development processes.  The increased collaboration between FAO and CSOs has allowed for key organizations (representing small-scale food producers, rural workers, grassroots organizations, social movements) to meaningfully negotiate and contribute to key policy documents, such as the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests, Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries, and the Voluntary Guidelines to support the Progressive Realization of the Right to Adequate Food in the Context of National Food Security.

To enhance and strengthen the dialogue between FAO and CSOs working on forest-related issues, I  would like to discuss with you to allow us to gain a better understanding of your points and remarks. Please, indicate when would you be available for a skype or telephone call.

I am looking forward to the conversation with you,

Kind regards,

Guilherme Brady
Coordinator - Civil Society/Producer Organizations/Cooperatives Teams
Partnership Unit
Office for Partnerships, Advocacy, Capacity Development (OPC)