FSC General Assembly - Why FSC should not certify plantations

November 3-7, 2008  - Cape Town, South Africa

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) will be holding its general assembly on November 3-7 in Cape Town, South Africa. Given that the FSC is still providing its certification label to large-scale tree monocultures in spite of the abundant evidence proving their serious social and environmental impacts, a number of organizations are urging the FSC to stop certifying tree plantations.

Here  you will find an open letter addressed to FSC members –calling for a ban on certification of plantations- as well as a number of documents providing supporting evidence for that call.


Open letter to FSC members  - 1 November, 2008

WRM Press release on open letter - 3 November, 2008

WRM briefing on FSC certification of plantations - October, 2008

Local peoples’ testimonies on impacts of monoculture tree plantations  - September, 2008