Action on Shrimp farming

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"Join Us in a Shrimp Break, Putting the Brake on Industrial Shrimp" is the motto of a campaign launched by ISA-Net (Industrial Shrimp Action Network) to join this newly created international network in support of environmental and community groups in developing countries fighting against the spread of destructive industrial shrimp farming (see WRM Bulletin Nr. 6, 12/11/97). Even if the group recognizes that wild- shrimp trawling is among the world's most wasteful fisheries, it is at present focused in denouncing the severe social and economic problems posed by the expansion of industrial shrimp farming in the last 15 years, particularly for coastal communities in Asia and Latin America.

The WRM has joined ISA-Net in its efforts to defend the mangroves and the communities that live in/on them.

Those interested in receiving further information, please contact: Maurizio Ferrari, Forest Peoples Programme.

Source: M. Ferrari, FPP, 19/11/1997