Bolivia: call for financial support

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APCOB (“Apoyo para el campesino indígena del oriente boliviano”: "Support to the Indigenous Peasant of Eastern Bolivia") is a Bolivian NGO that "during the last 18 years has been fighting for the conservation of natural resources and the improvement of socioeconomic status of indigenous peoples that inhabit the lowlands of the Eastern region of the country."

The organization has been invited to the Expo 2000 which will take place in Hannover, Germany. They are planning to present a documentary -entitled “The owners of the forest”- on the project of sustainable forest management of the indigenous peoples of the Chiquitana de Lomerío area. The film would last aproximately 30 minutes and its estimated cost is U$S 18,000. Lacking the necessary funds and considering the importance of registering and disseminating this kind of information, APCOB is asking for financial support from the international environmental community. Interested organizations are asked to contact Mr. Adrian Waldmann.