Brazil: First National Meeting of the Peasant Women’s Movement


Close to 3,000 members of the Peasant Women’s Movement (MMC), hailing from 23 different states, gathered on February 18-21 for the first national meeting of the organization. The central theme of the gathering was the fight against violence against women. On the morning of the last day, the women filled the plaza in front of the National Congress building in Brasilia with the colour purple and shouted out slogans.

“The first national meeting reaffirms the importance of the autonomous, feminist, peasant and socialist Peasant Women’s Movement,” stated the final declaration drafted during the event. The declaration also reaffirmed the MMC’s aim to contribute to the struggle for the liberation of women workers from all types of oppression and discrimination; the building of an agro-ecological feminist peasant agriculture model; and the struggle for the transformation of society. The achievement of these goals, they added, demands “struggle, organization and training, to promote experiences of popular resistance in which women play a leading role in their own history.” For more information, see: