Cameroon: New electronic bulletin

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The Cameroonian Center for Environment & Development (CED) has sent out the first issue of "Inside Cameroon", a monthly electronic bulletin in English containing update information on environment, development, economics and Human Rights issues in that country. A French version will be available soon. This first bulletin provides detailed information and clear analysis on a number of crucial environmental and social issues, as detailed in the table of contents:

- Forests and Forest Politics in Cameroon
- Cameroon’s Dubious "Award for Rational Forest Management"

International Finance Institutions:
- The Donor Community and the Forests – World Bank causes concern
- Economic and Financial Audit of the Cameroonian Forestry Sector

The Chad Cameroon oil pipeline:
- Exxon’s strategy of (non-) communication
- Compensation process: Bagyeli Pygmees feel abandoned
- COTCO’s subcontractors violate worker’s rights

Corporate news:
- GMO: Monsanto in Cameroon?

Book review:
- The Silence of the Forest – The Timber Mafia in Cameroon