Course in Ecuador: "Plantations are not forests"

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The course "Plantations are not forests", organized by the Institute of Ecologist Studies of the Third World (Instituto de Estudios Ecologistas del Tercer Mundo) and the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO) took place in Quito, Ecuador from July 12-16. Alvaro Gonzalez, from the WRM International Secretariat was in charge of the course, which focused on the main characteristics of the plantation forestry model, its promoters, impacts and resistance against it, with a special focus on forests and plantations in Ecuador. Lucio Cuenca, of the Latin American Observatory of Environmental Conflicts (OLCA), presented the case of plantations in Chile, while Veronica Vidal, (Accion Ecologica, Ecuador), presented a critical overview of the tree plantations project being implemented by PROFAFOR in the Ecuadorian Paramo.