Ecuador: Vigil for Yasuní

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After the Ecuadorian president announced plans to carry out an evaluation on securing financing for the Yasuní-ITT project, reflecting a clear interest in oil drilling, the ‘Guardians of Yasuní’ initiative organized a vigil in defence of the national park and its forests. The organizers stated: “Sumak Kawsay (Living Well) is possible without oil, as has been demonstrated by the great diversity of life in Yasuní alongside the peoples who have coexisted with it for thousands of years. No amount of money can make it worth destroying this piece of paradise in Ecuador. The country and the entire world have already decided: We want to leave the oil in the soil in Yasuní.”

The candlelight vigil and demonstrations were held on June 4 to spread the message that “Yasuní without oil is possible!” For more information see