Fourth March in Defence of the Land, Water and Life in Uruguay

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Some 20,000 people participated in the 4th National March in Defence of the Land, Water and Life held on May 10, 2013 in Montevideo, Uruguay. The march was organized and promoted by some 40 organizations from around the country, in response to the growing concentration of ownership and foreign control of land in Uruguay, where 42% of arable land is currently under foreign ownership. At the same time, there has been continuous expansion of large-scale monoculture plantations in the country, with 1.5 million hectares of transgenic soybean plantations, a similar area of transgenic corn, and another 1.5 million hectares of pine and eucalyptus plantations. Monoculture tree plantations in particular are expected to continue expanding, as the foreign joint venture Montes del Plata plans to complete construction of the world’s largest pulp mill in Uruguay this year.

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