Good news from Brazil

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For the first time in Brazilian history the Federal Government has been condemned by the Court to pay a compensation to the Panara -also called Krenhakarore- indigenous people of Mato Grosso because of the damages and deaths suffered as a consequence of interethnic contacts. The Panara were forced to abandon their lands, which were to be crossed by the new highway Cuiaba-Santarem, and reestablished at Xingu National Park. In the period 1973-1976 a total of 186 persons died of influenza, diarrhoea and other illnesses. In 1996 the Panara succeeded in coming back to their home land, even if it was already dramatically modified by urban and "garimpeiros" expansion. The Instituto Socioambiental of Brazil represented the Panara at Court.

Source: Parabolicas nr. 35, December 1997.