Good news from South Africa

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The Kruger National Park is to be enlarged by 5,000 hectares, while by the same agreement recently concluded, the Makuleke community regains its right to 25,000 hectares of Kruger Park lands. Settlement of the Makuleke land claim came just in time for the celebration of the centenary of Kruger National Park on March 25. In 1968 the Makuleke community was forced to leave their lands now falling within the borders of the Kruger National Park. By the terms of the newly reached agreement with South Africa National Parks (SANP), the Pafuri area -at the northern boundary of the Park- will be returned to the community composed of 1,800 families, while maintaining the conservation status of the land. "We have here a very important piece of real estate, which should be preserved for our people. However, it is important that this should happen in the context of people having full access to, and full utilisation of their land. This is a win-win situation" said the spokesman of Makulele community.

Source: EnviroLink News Service, 24/3/1998.