Greenwash Gold winner 2012: Mining company Rio Tinto


Some of the world’s most disreputable corporations – like Rio Tinto, Dow and BP – are providing sponsorship to the Olympics Games, using it as a smokescreen for environmental and human rights abuses the world over.

Sponsored by Bhopal Medical Appeal, London Mining Network and UK Tar Sands Network, a new campaign to stop Dow, BP and Rio Tinto from ‘winning’ at the 2012 Olympics was launched in April, to vote which of those three “dodgy company most deserves the Greenwash Gold medal in 2012”, “who is covering up the most environmental destruction and devastating the most communities while pretending to be a good corporate citizen by sponsoring the Olympic games?”

And the gold was for...Rio Tinto, a massive British mining company that has provided the metal for the London Olympic medals and is associated with human rights abuses, pollution, violation of Indigenous treaty rights, appalling labour relations.

You can watch three short animations on BP, Dow and Rio Tinto. BP at6vPRu1bR5fc&feature=player_embedded"> , Dow atWu1f6Ibcik0&feature=player_embedded"> , and Rio Tinto at li7wACA2TFI&feature=player_embedded#t=0s">