Indonesia: ADB will not fund Mamberamo dam

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In response to the article on Indonesia published in the previous issue of the WRM bulletin, we received the following message from Bartlet W. Edes, External Relations Officer & NGO Liaison of the Asian Development Bank:

"Dear Mr. Carrere,

I am a regular reader of your informative electronic newsletter. I noticed that WRM Bulletin No. 49 contains a story about the Mamberamo Dam in Indonesia. The story reports that the World Bank will not be funding the project, but that "it is still unknown if the ADB shares the same views and if it will or will not fund the project."

Please note that Asian Development Bank is not financing the construction of this dam and has no intention of doing so. I would be most grateful if you shared this information with your readers, who might otherwise be left with the mistaken impression that ADB is weighing the possibility of funding this project.

In the future, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about ADB
projects and policies.


Bart W. Édes",