Indonesian Forestry Incursions in Suriname

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After more than two years monitoring and carrying out research visits to Suriname, the Tropical Rainforest Team of IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and SKEPHI have published an interesting report on N.V. MUSA Indo-Surinam -an Indonesian logging company- operating in that country.

"Today in many countries in Africa, Central and South America, Mainland South Asia, South Pacific and even in eastern Europe, direct logging operations or indirect interests in timber supply can be seen in conjunction with the expansion of South Eastern companies. While natural forests in SE Asia have decreased to a critical state, the timber industry (plywood, pulp and paper) in Malaysia and Indonesia is ever ambitioning market expansion" state the authors. Important politicians and officials of Suriname have facilited MUSA's expansion ignoring public concern for the back-tracked record of the company. Even if -as is usual in this kind of projects- MUSA claims that its activity will bring social and economic benefits to the host country, reality shows the opposite. Apoera peasants, in West-Suriname, where MUSA is managing a concession for logging since 1994, denounce the ecological and social depletion accomplished by the company. MUSA's activities are a paradigmatic example of how transnational capital operates in the forestry sector.

The report contains the following chapters:

Executive Summary
Report on N.V MUSA Indo-Surinam
Company's name, background and profile
N.V. MUSA: its claims and machinations in Suriname
N.V. MUSA: its management, financial affairs and the situation of workers
N.V. MUSA: forestry activities
Unresolved and potential problems in Surinam
Further analysis of MUSA and its operation
MUSA's phantom front companies in Surinam
News Reports

Those interested in getting a copy please contact:
IFAW's Tropical Rainforest Programme or SKEPHI.