Malaysia: Where is Bruno Manser?

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Since May 2000 Bruno Manser is missing. This human rights activist wanted to visit his friends, the Penan forest nomads in Sarawak, who are surrounded by logging companies, the army and the police. It seems he never arrived. Search parties have had no luck. Now the Swiss Diplomatic Corps has stepped in. Manser could have been arrested, had an accident or could have been murdered. We sincerely hope that none of those situations occured. In the meantime, we extend our wholehearted support to Bruno's family and friends.

Further information on Bruno Manser's situation is available in the “Information by country” section (Malaysia) in our web site at:

Article based on information from: Ruedi Suter. "The Swiss Diplomatic Corps have started an official search for the rain forest protector". For detailed information on the situation of the indigenous peoples in Sarawak: