Open letter on EU biofuels policy

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More than 100 organisations (including a number of coalitions representing many more groups) signed up to an Open Letter to EU decision makers on EU biofuels policy - and from every continent.

The letter was sent to all relevant MEPs expressing “concerns regarding the economic, social and environmental cost of EU biofuels policy. Urgent action is needed to halt the expansion of land-based biofuels (i.e. biofuels, or agrofuels, made from food crops or dedicated energy crops) which bring few or no climate benefits while putting extra pressure on scarce land resources, especially for food and feed.” They also stressed that “Mounting evidence paints a clear picture of the costs on people and planet, such that ten major international organisations including the OECD, World Bank, IMF, FAO have jointly called for ‘G20 governments [to] remove provisions of current national policies that subsidise (or mandate) biofuels production or consumption’. It’s time to stop ignoring the evidence.”

The letter can be read at