Palm plantations and REDD+ programs in Pará, Brazil: land grabbing and violence


The Brazilian justice system annulled the registration of two properties of Agropalma, the largest sustainable palm oil producer in the Americas, due to the fact that they were usurped lands. This is in the state of Pará, the epicenter of oil palm monoculture in Brazil. These lands, which are still in the company's possession, include Quilombola communities' territories. Ignoring the agrarian conflict and the court's decision, Agropalma is about to commercialize palm oil. Furthermore, the company will launch a REDD+ program, without having consulted the communities, and without mentioning the conflict in its documents. The REDD+ program will increase the private surveillance and security system of forests. Meanwhile, Agropalma is increasing armed surveillance and control over the forests, in order to keep the carbon so it can trade it. Read a full report by Avispa Midia in Spanish and Portuguese, in addition to an article on this issue in this bulletin.