Papua: The Moi Tribe Opposing Timber Corporate Giants

Ph: Pusaka

Alamindo Lestari Sejahtera (ALS) Group, that owns and controls at least three timber companies and industries in Papua, is expanding the business of timber forest products exploitation in the customary area of the Moi Tribe through a company called PT Hutan Hijau Papua Barat (HHPB). On July, 2023, in Sorong City, dozens of youths and members of the Moi tribe staged a protest to reject the plan of the government and the company for Forest Utilization Business Permit (PBPH) in a forest area of ​​92,148 hectares.

At the same time, ALS Group is planning to develop a carbon business in partnership with nine companies holding Forest Utilization Business Permits (PBPH) for carbon sequestration in seven districts, with a total area of 1,573,705 hectares.  

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