Philippines: Women call to stop the bombings in Marawi and to revoke Martial Law in Mindanao  

Philippines Women

Women leaders from several national, regional and international organizations  called for truth about what’s happening in Marawi and Mindanao, Philippines, to come out and for perpetrators of violence to be pursued. Around 130 persons have been killed, thousands trapped and tens of thousands more displaced following a botched military operation to capture Abu Sayyaf’s leader, Isnilon Hapilon. Martial Law was declared all over Mindanao. The group reminded the public how wars and militarism have always targeted the bodies of the sexually objectified and those considered to be most vulnerable—the women. Thus prostitution, rape, forced migration, and all forms of violence against women are multiplied exponentially as bodies of women are considered to be weapons of war against perceived enemies. Read the statement in English in this link: