Reflections amid the Covid-19 Pandemic from WRM’s Advisory Committee


Forest communities and peasant families around the world are facing devastating situations due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the government measures taken, in particular restrictions on movement. In addition, government responses to the pandemic have been deepening the inequalities, injustices and destruction that have been going hand-in-hand with capitalism.

We invited members of the WRM’s Advisory Committee to share short reflections on this extraordinary situation. We thank them for their contributions.

How do you see the impacts of authoritarian regimes unfolding due to the measures implemented in front of Covid-19?
Shalmali Guttal, Focus on the Global South



What do growing numbers of pandemics (human and nonhuman) mean for capital in a longer historical perspective?
Larry Lohmann, The Corner House, UK



What are the parallels between Covid-19 and climate change?
Ivonne Yánez, Acción Ecológica, Ecuador




How is Covid-19 strengthening the push towards a so-called "energy transition"?
Hendro Sangkoyo - School of Democratic Economics, Indonesia



What is the role of the agro-industry, and what actors are behind this enormous chain of production?
Silvia Ribeiro, ETC Group



How Covid-19 impacted the oil spills clean-up process in Ogoniland?
Godwin Uyi Ojo, Environmental Rights Action (ERA)/ Friends of the Earth Nigeria