Repression to peaceful protest in Costa Rica

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According to information received from the Costa Rican National Front for the Forest (Frente Nacional por los Bosques) –a coalition of social and environmental NGOs- a peaceful demonstration that took place on February 19 at the crossing of the Puerto Jimenez and Interamericana highways was violently repressed by the rural guard of Osa. The demonstration was organized by the Front together with local communities of Osa to defend the remaining forests of the Pacific region menaced by logging activities.

Some media registered how the guards attacked the demonstrators, most of them women and children, who were distributing pamphlets to the motorists. The authorities are trying to involve the organizers in violent actions against the National Guard that occured some time ago at the locality of Rancho Quemado in Osa. Both the communities of Osa and the Front reject this accusation and demand that the government takes measures to protect the Pacific region rainforests.

For further information, please contact:
Luis Diego Marin or Maria Elena Fournier