The collective memory of the Madja People in Brazil

brasil memoria colectiva

With the title, ‘Ima Bote Madjacca: Madja Myths,’ anthropologist Rosenilda Nunes Padilha (Rose) has launched a book of the myths of the Madja people (also known as the Kulina). The entire book was written in Madja and Portuguese. To write the book, Rose had the participation of the Madjá themselves: Zuao Kulina, Jacinami Kulina, Macari Kulina, Dsomo Kulina; as well as the contribution of Walter Sass, a missionary anthropologist who lived with the Madja for several years. “It was necessary to do something that affected the collective memory of the people,” the author said. The book was published by Cimi – The Indigenous Missionary Council, Western Amazon Region. Read an interview about the book in Portuguese here.