Uruguay free of mega-mining!

Uruguay Tacuarembo protesta

In December 2013, the Uruguay Free of Mega-mining Movement was formed in order to mobilize the public around the proposal to start open-pit mining in the country. They have carried out many actions through the years to defend the land and natural resources. In October 2016, they are celebrating a big victory: plans for the Zamin Ferrous mining project have been dropped. If there hadn't been such great opposition to the Zamin Ferrous mining project, Uruguay would surely be suffering similar consequences as villages near the same company's mining project in Brazil: abandoned installations, irreparable environmental and social damage, lawsuits, unpaid debts, and dozens of ruined contractors. Even though the threat still exists, this is a victory for the anti-mining movement in Uruguay. Read the full statement in Spanish: http://www.guayubira.org.uy/2016/08/uruguay-libre-de-megamineria/