Issue 146 – September 2009

International Day Against Tree Monocultures.

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THE FOCUS OF THIS ISSUE This WRM bulletin is a contribution to the activities to be carried out on September 21st, International Day Against Tree Monocultures. It is important to stress that the choice of this date is rooted in peoples’ struggles against plantations. The date was first chosen by local networks in Brazil, who in 2004 decided to establish this date as a day of struggle against tree monocultures. Following their lead, the date was immediately adopted by a large number of communities and organizations struggling against plantations in their own countries and internationally. Since then, more and more people have joined in by carrying different activities on this date, thereby helping to raise awareness about the social and environmental impacts of plantations. We hope that this bulletin –as well as a number of other tools available in our web page- will help in strengthening local peoples’ struggles to stop the expansion of monoculture tree plantations.  
WRM Bulletin
September 2009