4 October 2013
Other information 1 August 2008
 WRM information sheets on GE tree research First posted: 1 August 2008 Last update: August 2014 Tree species being manipulated:   Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) (1) Aim of genetic manipulation
Bulletin articles 11 March 2004
The Malaysian Timber Certification Council scheme, MTCC, is set up to meet demands from the Western markets for a green stamp on tropical timber, and MTCC has been a pioneer among the national certification schemes from tropical countries to really invest in getting acceptance from the European market. Malaysian delegations, headed by the Minister of Primary Industries, have several times visited Europe, and the active promotion of their own scheme has worked.
Other information 7 November 2002
According to the Danish Data Protection Agency, the environmental NGO Nepenthes is not allowed to advise Danish consumers against purchasing from shops where they risk buying garden furniture whose production has contributed to the destruction of rainforests.