Indonesia: Protests against mining for electric vehicles

On October 28th, thousands of residents from Sagea, Gemaf and other villages on the island of Halmahera entered in shock with security forces when they occupied the installatioins of PT IWIP (Industrial Weda Bay Industrial Park) to protest against the company´s nickel mining activities that are destroying their land.


Their protest was motivated in particular due to the recent destruction in August this year of the Boki Marure Karst area, a highly respected historical area that the residents have been guarding with care, also because it is an important water reservoir. Due to the destruction the water provision of the villages got affected and clean water shortage begun to be felt by the villagers.


The communities therefore demand immediate restoration of damage, and more in general after 6 years of nickel mining and destruction, that the eletric vehicle projects for which this mining is taking place, be also stopped.

Residents call for the solidarity, support and encouragement from anyone who realises that the electric vehicle industry is a disaster that must be stopped immediately for safety and common good.