“Blue Carbon” and “Blue REDD”: Transforming coastal ecosystems into merchandise


Also available in Bahasa - Translated by KIARA

Text: Winfridus Overbeek
Photos: Redmanglar Internacional, Kiara, CPP, Canco
Published in September 2014 (previously as an article of the monthly electronic bulletin of WRM of July 2014)

Promotion of “Blue Carbon” initiatives, also known as “Blue REDD,” is a new trend focused on marine and coastal territories. This briefing aims to contribute to a better understanding of this trend, exploring some “Blue Carbon” initiatives or projects that are already under way, and who the actors are behind them. The article also describes and comments on some of the main arguments used by these actors. The main goal is to raise awareness of this new trend and explain why, instead of helping to resolve the climate crisis, these initiatives tend to benefit financial markets.

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