Mining. Social and Environmental Impacts


This book includes a selection of articles published in the World Rainforest Movement’s (WRM) monthly electronic bulletin on the subject of mining.

The level of detail and analysis in the articles varies greatly because of the nature of the bulletin, which is intended to serve as a tool for both individuals and organizations acting at local level and for those carrying out activities on an international scale. However, we have included most of the articles as we consider that they may all serve, in one way or another, to raise consciousness regarding an issue that affects so many people in the world.

We have included the numerous sources of information on which the various articles were based in the References at the end of the book. Those who are interested in accessing these sources may do so through our web page, entering the “Bulletin” area and looking for the corresponding year and month of the article involved.

The responsibility for this publication is shared by the editor of the Bulletin, Ricardo Carrere (WRM International Coordinator) together with the WRM editorial team and by the many individuals and institutions that contributed with articles or relevant information for the preparation of the articles. Any errors that may have been committed are the exclusive responsibility of WRM.

Mining. Social and Environmental Impacts