Seeds of Hope

Bulletin articles 9 July 2018

In 1989, there was a war in the valley of Lila, Portugal. Hundreds of people gathered to destroy 200 hectares of eucalyptus, fearing that the trees would rob them of their water and bring fire.

Bulletin articles 29 April 2018

In solidarity with the International Day of Peasant Struggle. A day to remember, emphasize and mobilize together against the persecution and violence that peasants suffer on a daily basis around the world.

Bulletin articles 29 April 2018

Systems of community organization rooted in sacred beliefs and concepts guide relations in Bali, Indonesia, and help defy agribusiness and mega-tourism.

Other information 29 April 2018
Bulletin articles 7 March 2018

India’s programme to compensate for the destruction of forests for development projects is routinely setting up monoculture tree plantations on community commons. Women, who are mostly affected, are at the centre of its resistance.

Bulletin articles 7 March 2018

The voices and stories of forest-dependent women are often rejected, unheard or silenced, which makes it easier for companies to grab community land. But what happens when they start to raise their voices?

Bulletin articles 9 January 2018

Over the past few years, the mopane worm population - found in isolated patches of dense forests in the driest parts of Zimbabwe, like in the Mazwi village - has been diminishing, threatening local livelihoods and food sovereignty.

Bulletin articles 23 November 2017