Support the Jogbahn Clan in Liberia: Tell Equatorial Palm Oil NO means NO!

Dear friends, our friends from Liberia are requesting our support. The Jogbahn Clan in Liberia is fighting to keep their home. A British palm oil company wants to clear their land without their permission.

Add your voice to a petition to tell the palm oil company and its major shareholders that the world is watching. NO means NO!

In Liberia, the Jogbahn Clan is fighting to keep British palm oil company Equatorial Palm Oil PLC (EPO) from grabbing their land. On March 5th 2014 the community had a major success when the President of Liberia said EPO would not clear Jogbahn Clan land without community consent. The communities have stood firm and continue to say no. But EPO is not listening. The company continues to conduct studies of the Clan’s land in preparation for clearing.

We strongly encourage you to watch and share the video and sign the petition.

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Thanks in advance for your support.


The WRM Team