Tweeting against plantations – Monday 21st September

Upon the initiative of Latin American groups a tweeting session is being planned for September 21st. We invite you to join them by using the following phrases and don't forget the hashtag #NoMonocultures

Intl Day against Tree Plantations: We celebrate the resistance! #NoMonocultures

Peoples and communities against tree monocultures. Intl Day of Struggle against Tree Monocultures #NoMonocultures

Almost 20 million hectares occupied by oil palm plantations! #NoMonocultures

STOP! the murder and persecution of those fighting against the invasion of oil palm plantations #NoMonocultures

Plantations are not Forests! Intl Day of Struggle against Monoculture Tree Plantations #NoMonocultures

Yes to food sovereignity, NO tree plantations. Intl Day of Struggle against Tree Plantations #NoMonocultures

FAO defines tree plantations as forests. Plantations are not forests! Intl Day of Struggle #NoMonocultures