Other information 2 October 2014
Ony available in Spanish. Más de 100 personas entre estudiantes, ambientalistas, activistas sociales y dirigentes comunitarios, se congregaron el domingo 21 de septiembre en inmediaciones de la vereda El Manzano 20 kilómetros al suroriente de Pereira. La cita era en el marco de la jornada mundial contra los monocultivos forestales, justo en esta zona rural donde la multinacional Smurfit kappa Cartón de Colombia acapara grandes extensiones sembradas en eucaliptos y pinos.
Bulletin articles 26 September 2014
Dismantle the power of transnational plantation corporations! There is no “smart monoculture”: Support the People’s Climate March!
Other information 26 September 2014
The area planted in eucalyptus and pine in Latin America has doubled in the past three decades, due to the action of national and transnational companies. Wood production is intended mainly for pulp and paper manufacture. WRM found several recent trends in this process, such as the expansion of monocultures of African palm (oil palm), greater research efforts into transgenic trees, the phenomenon of the “green economy” and the increasing involvement of speculative financial capital.
Other information 19 September 2014
By Geasphere, South Africa Since 2004,21st September is a special day used to raise awareness about the impacts of large-scale timber plantations, to encourage action, to highlight alternative ‘forestry’ models andto celebrate the progress made in the resistance against the industrial timber production model.Sustained resistance is critical, because timber plantations seriously affect the long-term ecological sustainability in areas where they have been established.
Action alerts 19 September 2014
Upon the initiative of Latin American groups a tweeting session is being planned for September 21st. We invite you to join them by using the following phrases and don't forget the hashtag #NoMonocultures Intl Day against Tree Plantations: We celebrate the resistance! http://wp.me/p65ps6-2E7 #NoMonocultures
Action alerts 18 September 2014
Dismantle the power of transnational plantation corporations! There is no “smart monoculture”: Support the People’s Climate March!  
Multimedia 8 September 2014
Continuing with the communications for September 21st, this time we would like to share with all of you a collection of videos that we have prepared together with GRAIN, on the impacts of large scale industrial oil palm plantations. The videos have been produced by several partners from around the world working against expansion of industrial oil palm plantations and they describe the impacts that local communities suffer when the expansion takes place on their territories.
Action alerts 4 September 2014
Press Release For immediate release.  On the 4th of September 2014, 260 organizations from Brazil, Latin America and other continents delivered a letter to the Brazilian National Biosafty Comission (CTNBio) expressing their deep concern about the application by the company FuturaGene, owned by Suzano, to plant and commercialize transgenic eucalyptus. The organizations urge the Comission to reject FuturaGen's application.
Publications 29 August 2014
Only available in Spanish By the WRM and RECOMA Download as pdf here
29 August 2014
On September 21st we celebrate the International Day of Struggle against Tree Monocultures.
Action alerts 2 June 2014
FuturaGene, a biotechnology firm owned by Brazilian pulp and paper company Suzano, has requested authorization from the Brazilian Biosafety Commission (CTNBio) for the commercial release of its genetically engineered eucalyptus trees in Brazil.