Bolivia: Letter from the Pan-Amazonian Peoples

water Bolivia

The 6th Pan-Amazon Social Forum was held on December 1 in Cobija, in Bolivia’s Amazon region, on the triple border between Peru, Brazil and Bolivia. “Under the protection of the rubber and chestnut trees, symbols of the Bolivian Amazon,” the Amazonian peoples launched a call for unity to transform the world.

They declared: “In our lands and rivers, a decisive battle for the fate of humanity is being fought. On one side, transnational corporations, agribusiness and large mining companies promote the destruction of our forests and our waters in the name of a progress that benefits only the owners of capital. On the other, we – indigenous peoples, peasants, quilombolas, workers of the fields, forests and cities – are fighting for our lands, for the rights of Mother Earth, for our cultures, and for our right to live well, in harmony with nature.”

The full text of the letter is available at: