Ecuador: Letter of thanks from Floresmilo Villalta

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Dear Friends,

I am Floresmilo Villalta, President of the Free Ecuador Poultry Association and I wish to thank you –all the organizations and people who have given me their moral and spiritual support. This has been a great encouragement to the continuation of our struggle and I also know that you too have felt very encouraged and this makes me feel very proud.

It is because of your public and written support that I am presently a free man. However, the lawsuits and accusations against me and other members of the Free Ecuador Poultry Association continue. With even more reason, I will continuously struggle until we achieve the goal our association has set itself. The goal of defending our forests, the last ones remaining in the province of Esmeraldas, the source of many rivers that form the basins of such rivers as the Santiago, the Cayapas, the Rio Verde, the La Desgraciada river, a source of life to our peasant companions.

At the same time, we want to recover our lands that have been seized by the Borrosa, Setrafor and Endesa logging companies, the most powerful ones that fell thousands of trees a day as there is no authority in our country that can halt their ambition and greed. We also defend our positions because we have been vigilant and have taken up our position against the powers of these predators, this is our motive and I hope to continue with the support of all of you.

I wish to thank in anticipation all the noble institutions and people who unconditionally support us in defence of the last forests remaining in the north of the Province of Esmeraldas in Ecuador.

Yours sincerely,
Floresmilo Villalta, President of the Free Ecuador Poultry Association