Forest-Americas: a discussion list about hemispheric forest protection and free trade issues for forest activists

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"Forest-Americas" is a list for forest activists in North, Central and South America who want to work together to protect forests and counter the growing threats posed by trade liberalization and globalization of the timber trade. The purpose of the list is to help activists build wider networks to share information and develop joint strategies.

The idea for this list was generated at a meeting of grassroots forest activists at the People's Summit in Santiago, Chile concurrent with the FTAA Summit in April, 1998. Activists came together to discuss the impacts to forests and communities of the movement of transnational timber corporations within the Americas, the loss of native forests and biodiversity, the expansion of tree plantations and chip mills, and the threats posed by free trade agreements like the FTAA, APEC and NAFTA. At a meeting to plan for how we could work together, it was decided to increase our interaction and cooperation through a listserve.

To subscribe to the list, send a message to: Pat Rasmussen

For questions, contact: Pat Rasmussen, at American Lands,