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Other information 14 May 2019
The most recent monthly bulletin of the Latin American Network of Women Defenders of social and environmental rights brings together several articles from the region that highlight the violence that the extractive model and climate change exert on women. You can read their bulletins (in Spanish) here.
Other information 11 March 2019
What is happening with the land and natural wealth around the world, and to the people who depend on them? How are people responding to these trends, threats, and challenges? Aiming to address these issues, 12 articles with powerful analysis and narratives from Latin America, Asia and Africa testify to the continuing and perhaps, permanent struggles for people’s rights, land, territories, and livelihoods.
Bulletin articles 22 December 2018
Despite the many profound damages that industries cause in the world's forests, they also cause something else to emerge: the strong and diverse resistance movements of affected communities defending their territories, livelihoods, cultures and even their existence. The struggle continues! (Available in Swahili).
Bulletin articles 22 December 2018
In Latin America, women have always been part of the historical struggles in the defence of territory and the environment. Through protests and daily practices, they have resisted the many ways of extractivism and all forms of violence against women. (Available in Swahili).
Other information 15 November 2018
Friends of the Earth International and the World Rainforest Movement have launched an international sign-on statement denouncing the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).
Other information 15 November 2018
Peasants and other people working in rural areas are one step away from achieving a United Nations Declaration that could defend and protect their rights to land, seeds, biodiversity, local markets and much more.
Other information 11 November 2018
On November 12, with the endorsement of organizations from five continents, Friends of the Earth International and World Rainforest Movement publish an open statement denouncing the failure of the RSPO to eliminate the violence and destruction that oil palm plantations.
Other information 31 October 2018
We invite organizations to sign on and support the statement, which denounces that the RSPO, since it was created 14 years ago, has been a tool that served the corporate interests of the oil palm sector
Bulletin articles 26 September 2018
On this September 21st, a message of solidarity and homage to the communities, community-based organisations and activists who are fighting in many different ways and places to stop monoculture tree plantations.
Publications 20 August 2018
A Collection of Articles Published in the WRM Bulletin on the issue of Resistance, Women and the Impacts of Plantations.