Global Campaign to dismantle Corporate Power

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As part of the People's Summit during Rio +20 a Global Campaign Against Transnationals was launched, under the slogan “Dismantle Corporate Power and put an end to impunity”. The campaign aims to unite hundreds of campaigns, networks and social movements and organizations that are fighting against the impacts of transnational corporations on human rights, nature and the planet.

Driven by their quest for profit, transnational corporations (TNCs) are systematically violating human rights and committing economic and ecological crimes, including killings, persecutions and threats against trade union, social and community leaders around the world. In the context of the global crisis and with the complicity of States through their role in the creation of an architecture of impunity, these actions have intensified. TNCs are controlling the debate on the crisis, putting forward proposals that allow them to grab land and guarantee natural resources extraction and energy production at the lowest possible cost.

The Call to International Action states that “to confront corporate power and the system that protects and benefits TNCs, it is urgent and necessary to give a systematic response. We must unite our experiences and our struggles, learn collectively from our victories and our failures and share our analysis and strategies to put an end to the impunity of transnationals. The struggles of our communities against a transnational corporation could be even more victorious if we are able to unite them with the efforts of other people in other countries, regions or continents”.

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