In defence of Central African forests

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By means of a letter dated October 22 a group of environmental NGOs addressed Mr Henri Djombo, Minister of Forest Economy of the Republic of Congo, to express their disapproval regarding a number of actions carried out by him, believed to be aimed at undermining the Brazzaville Process.

As informed in WRM Bulletin nr 11 the Brazzaville process is trying to build a concertation framework open to all actors participating in the sub-region's forest sector, aiming at the sustainable management of forest ecosystems in Central Africa. The second meeting of the Conference on Central African Moist-Forest Ecosystems (CEFDHAC) took place in Bata, Equatorial Guinea from 8 to 10 June 1998.

“The forests of Central Africa may suffer a similar fate of those in the West African region unless a process promoting transparency, broad consultation and coordination involving all stakeholders, especially those at the community level, can take root” expressed the signatary NGOs, in support of the Brazzaville process.