Indigenous voices from the Amazon


The production of audio-visual tools, videos and podcasts in the Amazon, where Indigenous Peoples talk about their realities and resistance struggles, is increasing.

Agenda Propia, for example, is a collective of mainly women journalists working in the Amazon region. Through the link we share, you can listen to eight stories of Indigenous Peoples from the Venezuelan Amazon region and border with Colombia, talking about their reality, such as the eviction by the mining activities, conflicts with armed groups, deforestation, but also about their resistance like the creation of guardians of their territories. Access the materials here (only in Spanish).

Agenda Propia also produced a special about women in resistance in the Colombian Amazon. Only in Spanish here.

In addition, we recommend again an article and videos about the work of young indigenous Munduruku women in Brazil, that uses social media to raise awareness about illegal invasions of their territory. Read the articles and watch the videos in English or Portuguese.