Nigeria: NGO nominated for the Sophie Prize

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The Sophie Foundation, an organization based in Norway, has nominated the Nigerian NGO Environmental Rights Action, for the Sophie Prize 1998. The main purpose of the Sophie Foundation, is to award an annual international environment and development prize of US $ 100,000. This is an initiative of the Norwegian author and philosopher Mr. Jostein Gaarder -worldwide known by his book "Sophie's world", one of the world's best-selling novels- who donated a large sum of his private fortune, earned by selling his books, to this goal.

The nomination is a recognition to ERA's restless struggle for the Ogoni people and the environment, oppresed by the Nigerian dictatorship. “This nomination indicates to us that we are right to fight for our rights!” stated Nnimmo Basey, Director of ERA, who has repeatedly suffered threats and arbitrary arrests for his activities (see WRM Bulletin nr. 6).

Source: ERA, 30/4/1998