Bulletin articles 9 March 2021
Communities in West and Central Africa are facing the impacts of industrial oil palm plantations. With the false promise of bringing ‘development’, corporations, backed up with government support, have been granted millions of hectares of land for this expansion.
Multimedia 24 November 2020
The video “NO to violence against women and girls living in and around oil palm plantations” denounces the violence against women in West and Central Africa whose lands have been invaded by industrial oil palm plantations.
Bulletin articles 17 November 2020
Why haven't Africa's post-colonial governments dismantled the colonial plantation model of exploitation and extraction, returned the lands to their people and emboldened a resurgence of Africa's diverse, local food and farming systems?
Publications 4 April 2019
The booklet “Promise, Divide, Intimidate and Coerce: 12 tactics palm oil companies use to grab community land” aims to support communities who want to strengthen their resistance and better prepare themselves to stop corporations from establishing on their lands.
Bulletin articles 15 November 2018
Certification schemes for tree plantations initially generated many expectations, promising a true transformation. Yet after all these years, we can definitely conclude that what the RSPO and FSC also have in common is that they will not meet those expectations.
Bulletin articles 15 November 2018
Interview with Hajaratu Abdullahi from Community Forest Watch in Nigeria who talks about the hardship and misery that the palm oil company Okomu Oil, subsidiary of global palm oil company SocFin, is bringing to communities like hers in Nigeria's Edo state
Bulletin articles 26 September 2018
A song by By Ajele Sunday, Nigerian artist. His community suffer land grabbing from oil palm companies. Listen to the song.
Multimedia 21 September 2018
A song by By Ajele Sunday, Nigerian artist.
Action alerts 29 February 2016
Dear friends, We need your urgent support. The Ekuri People’s ancestral land in Nigeria is under threat. The people of Ekuri live in Cross River State in the southeast corner of Nigeria almost on the border with Cameroon, deep in the heart of one of Nigeria’s last surviving rainforests.