Opposition to plantations at the root and in the forefront

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Opposition to plantations is not an academic exercise, but a direct result of the impacts of plantations in many countries. All of the research carried out on this issue is the direct or indirect result of the identification of a number of problems by local peoples who suffer the consequences. What independent research has done is to put the issue in a broader perspective and to explain academically why local peoples are right. This does not mean that such research is not important. On the contrary, it is crucial in assisting local peoples in their struggles, by translating their findings into a language which can be understood and accepted by decision-making circles as well as to disseminate them widely to gain support at the public level.

Opposition varies widely according to the different situations. In some cases, it has led to direct actions and even confrontations (e.g. in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela and others). In other cases, opposition has taken place prior to plantations, based on the experiences suffered by local communities in other countries. Such is the case of Hawaii, where local organizations led a successful campaign against planned plantations in the Big Island. In many other countries, opposition manifests itself in various other non violent forms and is gaining increasing strength at the public level, as in the cases of South Africa, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico and many others.

Opposition is therefore at the core of this campaign. All our efforts are aimed at strengthening local opposition to plantations through the dissemination of information and analysis about their struggles; coordination of actions in the relevant scenarios; providing direct support when so requested; promoting the creation of a broad anti-plantations front and supporting locally-driven sustainable and equitable development initiatives.


- Identify if large scale tree plantations are being promoted in your country
- Identify actors promoting plantations
- Identify existing opposition movements
- Disseminate information on social and environmental impacts of plantations
- Disseminate information about existing struggles and/or opposition against this model
- Coordinate actions with people involved in the issue at the local, regional and national levels, and facilitate the creation of resistance networks
- Organize meetings with relevant actors to discuss the issue
- Get in contact with relevant organizations abroad regarding actors promoting plantations