“The Green Energy Scandal”: Drax receives subsidies for burning forests

Photo: BBC’s Panorama
Drax's biomass power plant Photo: BBC’s Panorama

An investigation from BBC’s Panorama uncovers how British power company Drax is linked to forests being logged in British Columbia, Canada. Drax switched from burning coal to burning wood pellets, which gave the company millions of taxpayers’ money from “green” subsidies.

Emissions from burning wood pellets, in the UK, are considered “carbon neutral” and hence are not considered in the GHG accounting sheets. This is just one aspect of the deceitful narrative of “biomass” that the investigation tackles. You can watch the documentary here in English.

And if this was not be enough, Drax has recently partnered with a company called C-Zero to use “Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)”, which falsely claims to capture and permanently store carbon dioxide from bioenergy generation. BECCS is misleadingly classified as a “carbon removals technology”, based on the false assumption that biomass energy is “carbon neutral” and that capturing and storing the emissions from burning wood makes it “carbon negative” – meaning, claiming more subsidies! Read more about the problems with this BECCS technology in a report from Biofuel Watch in English here.